Register now on Team W4V in the Annapolis 9/11 Heroes Run!

We are just about a month away for our big event weekend and we are hoping to make some big promotional pushes in the coming weeks… so exciting! All event weekend details can be found at but below are the newly revised instructions for registering to join our Team Wings for Val in Sunday’s 9/11 Heroes Run. Last year we had 65 runners on our team, and this year we are hoping to have the biggest team ever with 100+ runners and to reach a fundraising goal of $10,000, so WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Instructions for registering and fundraising:

1) To register to run as part of the Wings for Val team in the Annapolis 9/11 Heroes Run, you will now register through the Travis Manion Foundation’s registration site. Here is the direct link for our Wings for Val Team page:

2) There is a special coupon code you will enter to receive the negotiated discounted registration cost anytime between now and deadline of 8/31.  The discount registration coupon code is – WINGSFORVAL2016. 

3) Proceeds raised through registrations via the W4V team race registration page will go towards both organizations. If you wish to do additional fundraising specifically for W4V, you can use and share our unique fundraising page on Classy: and click the “Donate now” button. This is different than the personal fundraising page that will be automatically set up for you when you register through TMF, so be sure to use the above URL if you want funds to go to W4V specifically. 

4) Registration deadline is 8/31 so don’t delay! Contact Allison Righter ( with any questions on this process, including if you want to participate as a virtual runner.

This race is such a blast each year and we commend the Travis Manion Foundation for all they do to honor the fallen by challenging the living! Please show your support for both our organizations by joining team Wings for Val!!




We had 65 runners participate on our W4V team last year and are looking for 100+ runners this year!!